Ever thought of sharing your deepest, darkest secrets with the rest of the world?

Let me introduce you to postsecret.com. PostSecret is a blog where you mail your secrets and each week a selection of secrets is posted on the website. You get everything from people admitting to have done drugs to others sharing their dreams, fears and fantasies. You may be thinking “Why in the world would someone share their deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secrets with millions of people; and the answer is simple: You get remain anonymous.

There is something incredibly invigorating about reading about other people’s secrets. It may very well have to do with the fact that humans have this innate curiosity and the mysteriousness of secrets awakens this natural desire. It could also perhaps be related with the fact that we all have secrets and reading about other people’s secrets gives us a sense that “we are not alone” as you often finds someone that has similar feelings as you.

Over the years the website has grown so much that they have published several books as well as going around the world sharing inspiring stories, messages and lots of secrets (including ones that have been banned from the books).

I would really recommend you take two minutes after you read this post and go to postsecret.com. Every Sunday they update the blog with new secrets and who knows… I might one day submit my secret but you will never know which one is mine…

Here are my favorite PostSecrets that I have selected over the years, they either have a message that I can relate with, find it inspiring, or I just find it funny and peculiar.

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